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Since the late 1920’s

Captain Bills Photo from the 1920

The History of Captain Bill’s

The history of Captain Bill’s dates back to the late 1920’s when there was a simple 24′ by 24′ wooden structure standing at the foot of Ocean Avenue and run by the Boatmen’s Association. Fishing party boats were run out of the building. One of the original boatmen, Captain Bill Eccleston would travel to neighboring towns selling fish and clams, blowing a bugle horn to announce his presence. Captain Bill was a legend in the area and quite a salty character. He eventually bought the wooden structure, started a small clam bar and named it after himself.

Captain Bill sold the clam bar in the early 1950’s to Sophie and Carl Abendroth who eventually renovated the building and built what is now the main restaurant. In the late 1950’s, Carl and Sophie purchased the building next door as a catering hall, calling it the Anchorage. In 1982 Carl Anton purchased the marina, restaurant and catering hall, however the property was put into receivership in the late 1980’s. After several
attempts by different groups to turn Captain Bill’s into a successful business, its doors were shut for several years until a local real estate investor, Lou Modica, purchased the property.

In 1998, Peter McCarthy and Michael Korb, approached Modica about reopening the historic landmark. After a multimillion-dollar renovation, Captain Bill’s reopened its doors in June of 1998. One year later, the Anchorage was renovated and renamed The Bayview House, accommodating larger parties and waterfront weddings.
Upon McCarthy’s retirement in 2018, Kelly Kiernan took over as managing partner with Michael Korb. Having worked for Peter and Michael since Captain Bill’s reopening in 1998, Kelly was well equipped to continue the journey with Michael. Now heading into the restaurants 25th year of business, Kelly and Michael take pride and satisfaction in having provided growth and income opportunities for hundreds of current and former employees. They also take satisfaction in having provided a venue that friends and families have been able to gather for an enjoyable evening whether in our dining room or bar, or in one of our catering rooms.

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